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PLR Wholesaler is different from other systems that you may have seen. The entire site is free for affiliates like you to use and it is full of useful information that can help you to boost your business or get it started in the first place. Unlike other sites that will offer a minute amount of material for free just to capture your attention, PLR Wholesaler offers thousands of articles, hundreds of e-books and videos, software programs and designs to use, all at your fingertips for free.

All you have to do to sign up is to enter your email address, and then set up simple account information like your username and password, and you are ready to access all of the information and resources that are listed above and more. Once you enter the site, you have an easily navigable homepage. Follow the steps there to market PLR Wholesaler and earn commissions if you want. In the navigation bar, you can download more material, read news about the PLR market, get support, use the ad tracker, the link cloaker and much more.

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Once you join, you will have access to special offers that can only be found through the PLR Wholesaler site, as well as free IM Courses, training videos and more. There are also resources on ways to earn money in the various niches of the PLR market, as well as PLR traffic information and cash information that you can access rather than having to do the research on your own. There is no reason for you not to get started today. There are no tricks, just sign up and get started within a few short minutes!

Click Here To Download Your Free Affiliate Resources Report

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When I grow up, I want to be an Under Achiever!


Have you ever wondered how you are ever going to make it online?

The gurus set such high standards, it makes you feel like like you need to be a genius before you can accomplish anything.  In fact, listening to them can make you feel despair about your chances of ever achieving success.

What if you could make money without being smart, special, or a workaholic?  And without trying so hard?

What if you could take some little thing you already know, turn it into a website, and make money while you sleep? (That part of what the gurus promise is achievable.)

Well, that’s exactly what Russell Brunson did one boring spring break, when he had nothing much to do and no money to do it with.  He and his friend stayed at college and decided to pass the time building a spud gun.  In the process they discovered that 18,000  other people in the USA were also interested in spud guns, and so they made a video with a cheap little webcam, and a website and dvd, and they were off with their first, not very spectacular, make money while you sleep, website!

Russell calls these sites Underachiever Sites.

Does a website like that have to make you millions? No it does not!  Even $50 a week is fantastic for something which, after you create it, will take up an hour or so of your time a month.

Russell went on to make more websites, and then he helped others to make sites as well.

You can see the story of his site, and few other very interesting ones, on the video on this page.

Click here to watch Russell’s video

Watch Russell tell his own story, and a few others.  You will be inspired!

Russell is offering to teach you all he knows as well, and I think if this is what you have been looking for then you will jump at the chance.

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You CAN Learn to Play the Guitar!

Have you ever picked up your guitar, imagining that could learn to play like the greats, and then become too discouraged to continue? Almost every major guitarist had the same feeling, but instead of packing their guitar away and quitting, they found a playing and learning style that worked for them. The major problem facing the newbie guitarist isn’t a lack of willpower, it’s a lack of suitable learning styles. Many guitar classes fail to cover the basics, focus on the flashy and non-substantial, and leave newbie guitarists wondering where they’ve gone wrong and doubting that they can improve their abilities.

Don’t worry; your guitar experience doesn’t need to end because you can’t find a suitable teacher. Instead of focusing on teacher orientated education, look for student orientated education. Thanks to the internet, you can easily get a perfect guitar education online, without having to visit guitar teachers or sit through unnecessary guitar lessons!

What if instead of focusing on techniques that aren’t very useful and songs that you don’t enjoy, your guitar education could focus on learning songs that you love and mastering techniques that you’ll use every day? While most guitar programs focus on the trivial and boring, mastering songs that only five year olds enjoy and quickly boring true guitar lovers, the new ways of internet learning make it possible to master songs from your favourite artists as quickly or slowly as you like.

Want to get started? This free report is packed full of guitar information, ranging from how-to guides to important technical explanations of the most important and fundamental guitar techniques. If you’ve ever been stuck wondering where to go with your guitar learning, this report is a must read.

Click Here To Download Your Free Perfect Guitar Solos Report

Don’t worry about those boring beginner songs! By focusing on the fundamentals of guitar acquisition; the scales, modal shapes, and master techniques, you can quickly move on from playing basic and boring songs to mastering songs from your favourite artists and guitarists. Don’t worry, learning guitar can be fun, and by applying the principles and advice from this free report, you can speed up your guitar progress and learn the songs that you love in the style that you’re comfortable with.

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FAPWinner – Guidance and Instruction for the Forex Market!

Have you tried trading on the Forex market and found that it was much more complex than you thought? This is a common experience for many people who see that the Forex market is fluid and lucrative, but do not have a plan of attack in place before they start to trade there. This usually leads to frustration, as you may know full well.

Today, there is a system that has been developed by an experienced trader called the FAPWinner system. It comes in three levels according to your trading needs, and it has a huge variety of resources and training for you to use at any time. In addition, instead of having to try and become an expert in the field of Forex trading, there is a software program included that will analyze trends that are going on and give you suggestions on where to invest. What could be simpler than this?

In addition to the software that you can use, there is a weekly mentoring session that you can be a part of with the founder of the FAPWinner system. There are also mentoring programs that give you more personalized training that you can purchase, as well as chat sessions with other traders in the FAPWinner system. If there is any technical support that is needed, the FAPWinner system has email and phone support as well as live chat for its customers. This is a system that you will not want to miss!

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Your Opinion Could Be Worth THOUSANDS!

Have you ever wondered how the leading companies target their audiences and refine their products so precisely? How can they achieve such intense domination of even the most difficult and unpredictable markets, and make it all look so easy? The secrets of Fortune 500 research and development strategy don’t fall on the shoulders of the super rich executives, or even the slick and stylish advertising reps. They’re found within each and every one of us; ordinary consumers with a vast amount of product experience.

What’s this skill? Product experience doesn’t sound that specific, and it’s not something that you can learn at a university. It’s a feel for what works and what doesn’t, and an intuition for what would succeed with us and what wouldn’t. You don’t need to know much about marketing or advertising, but you need to know exactly what you like. More importantly, you need to know exactly what you don’t like.

How great does that sound? A job where you simply voice your opinion to major companies? Want to truly change the face of business today — this is your chance to. With major companies desperate to learn more about their customers, there’s a massive amount of money to be made in easy online surveys. Simply by voicing your opinion on major consumer products, you can save Fortune 500 companies thousands of dollars, and earn hundreds of dollars per hour for yourself.

Want to get started in the highly lucrative online survey field? This free report, compiled using information made available by both the uber-successful survey takers, and the high profile companies themselves, contains all the information you need to get started on your way to massive survey success. With advice and guides for every form of online survey imaginable, this report will save you a massive amount of time and stress when you’re deciding how to craft your online survey strategy.

Click Here To Download Your Free Money Making Survey Report

Ready to start? Just check out this free report to take your first step into the lucrative world of online surveys. Don’t worry — it’s totally free, and full of some of the most valuable information for online workers and survey gurus. Don’t let yourself get lost in the massive world of online surveys, check out this report and set yourself down the road towards an online income from customer surveys.

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Want to be a Yummy Mummy? Works for all ages…


CBPirate isn’t just about internet marketing products.  ClickBank is full of real world products for regular people, and CBPirate can help you to make money in the wider global market with their excellent promotional materials for products like BabyFatNoMore.  You can easily promote this one at all your favorite social networking sites.

The squeeze page is attractive, and the free report made me want to get out there and start exercising already… It made me feel that I could do it without being selfish or taking too much time and energy away from my family.

In addition CBPirate has created several sizes of banners and ebook covers, as well as tweets, emails, articles. signature links and more, all designed to help you promote the product in any way which appeals to you.

So get ready to be slimmer, and richer!  What have you got to lose?




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Promote Your Passion and Get Paid for It with My First Teleseminar!

Many affiliate marketing plans do not take the time to teach you step by step how to recreate the successful campaigns that the trainers have used to become rich. My First Teleseminar is different because it takes you through an eight week training course, by the end of which you will know the language and skills that you need to host and promote successful teleseminars in your niche. In addition, you will get resources such as HTML based copy and paste templates that you can use to get started and promote your teleseminars and related products.

My First Teleseminar jump starts you with quckstart steps to take in order to schedule and promote your first teleseminar. It then teaches you how to host that first teleseminar so that you can feel comfortable as a public speaker, even if that has never been your forte in the past. During the following six weeks of the My First Teleseminar training system, you will learn more in-depth techniques that will enable you to market more effectively, ensure attendance at the seminars, and follow up with clients to build your lists and create more lasting revenue.

Click Here To Download Your Free Teleseminar Guide

You might expect that a system which trains you from the beginning with videos, audio recordings, screenshots, templates and more would cost hundreds of dollars, especially considering that it will make you thousands of dollars once you learn how to use it. Instead, you can get started for free with the CD of the first week’s lessons and then decide if you want to continue with the course. The course itself is only two payments of $27, one of which is withdrawn at the start of the second week of classes, and the second of which is drawn going into the second month of classes. Cancel at any time for a full refund if you are not satisfied.

Click Here To Download Your Free Teleseminar Guide

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Learn Google Spider language for easy, effective SEO

For a long time the science of SEO has been a complicated mystery.

But now the secret is out; and its one that even many experts don’t know about. It’s called Spider Language and it is the language of search engines.

A search engine is just a robot that looks for the things it is programmed to, based on what a person keys into the search bar.  If the material on a web page is laid out so that it fits exactly with what the search engine is looking for, it will come up high on the results page. That is not as simple as filling the page with keywords (that is SEO at the most basic level, and something everyone does). Spider Language involves using the kind of language that Google’s reach engine robot is programmed to look for.

Website owners who learn Spider Language and use it to optimize their sites end up with the best search results – those that are on page 1. And you know that people rarely go on to page 2 of the results if they can help it.

Spider Language is easy to pick up, even for a novice and takes very little time to implement. You can start seeing results in terms of increased traffic almost as soon as you start using it. To learn more about what Spider Language is and what it can do for you, check out a free report:



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So that’s what link hijacking is all about!

I never could understand how links could be hijacked…

Of course people can take your referral id off the end of your link in the browser window, but it appears there is much more to the story!

I’ve just read the excellent Cloak and Dagger Affiliate Secrets report, which explains how link hijacking is done, and also tells you how to avoid sabotaging your own links in the worst possible way…

Click >>here<< to grab your free copy of the Cloak and Dagger Affiliate Secrets report now.

It’s worth reading!

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Get more buyers and stop struggling for every dollar!

No matter what type of business you are trying to build on the Internet, the right buyers list will make all the difference. Want to sell a product of your own choosing? You will need a buyers list that is specifically interested in your niche market and ready to purchase the products in that niche that your recommend. Getting into affiliate marketing? You need to create a buyers list that will respond to your promotional emails without fail.

There is a right and wrong way to build a high quality, hyper-responsive buyers list. The first rule of thumb is that more is not necessarily better. Finding more buyers takes time and money. However, if those buyers aren’t interested in what you are buying and aren’t ready to pull out their checkbooks on your recommendations, that big list won’t reap much reward. You spend a lot of time and money to put it together, but your return is minimal at best.

True, many marketing gurus tell us the money is in the list. They believe that bigger really is better. But is it? Consider how much time it takes you to create those mega-lists vs. compiling a high quality list of hyper-responsive buyers. It may take about the same amount of time to create your list, right? However, the return on your big list may be about 1%, while your high quality list may reap a return of 10% or more. Which one gives you a higher hourly rate for your efforts?

Click Here To Download Your Free List Building Report

Learning to build a high quality list isn’t always easy. You need to find a marketing expert who has learned the hard way that this philosophy doesn’t work and can teach you how to build a high quality buyers list that will increase your income levels. A program like the one explained in this free report:

Click Here To Download Your Free List Building Report

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